Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Cat Forms for Horde and Alliance

Well, the new cat forms are out. In case you've been livin' under a rock, here's the pictures of the two:

Night Elf

Am I the only one who thinks the Night Elf forms look like, well... bad? I personally was very fond of the original design, and the new design is rather... meh. I'm pretty amused by the pink kitty; I need to change my baby druid's hair color to get that! Speaking of hair color, a Blue announced that they plan to release a chart of sorts that will display which hair/fur colors lead to which cat/bear color. Once I see that put up I'll be sure to update it here.

I can't wait to go all The Lion King (tm) in Dalaran (it's my favorite movie!). Speaking of Dalaran, my two shirts came! Maybe I'll take some goofy pictures in them later... but maybe not. My face looks a little strange after my tan yesterday @_@ We'll see!

Before I forget! I got some shiney new gear yesterday! Take a look!

Despite thinking that I'd lose to a higher-ranked member (I'm still an initiate), only one other person needed one of the two Vanquisher tokens that dropped off of Hodir! I was so excited. I get my own pretty dress now! This puts me at 2 pieces (I have the Valorous Nightsong Leggings already) which increases the healing done by my Swiftmend by 10%, which is rather nice since I use it fairly liberally! I can't wait to get my helmet next week through Emblems of Conquest, and then after that it's just one more piece to get my 4-set bonus *drool*


  1. I think horde won this round. I too LOVE The Lion King. (Simba OMG hottest animated cat ever.)

    As for ally, the glowing disks aruond the necks are awesome. I like how they are different colors. But where did our pupil go? I know Night form doesn't have pupils but cat form always did...

  2. Yeah, it would've been cool to see a slitted pupil like normal cats. I've seen some refer to the glowing neck pieces as 'bells', which made me lol a little X3 Overall I think the Night Elf cat forms look pretty sweet, but I think (and this isn't just me being bias!) the Horde models overall look nicer :( It's sad; I was hoping for my baby druid to look OP, too! I don't mind the Night Elf forms, though... but I will say that I'll have a lot more fun farming dailies on my Tauren now!

  3. I kinda like the forms...but the horde did get the better version this time =)

    Grats on your new tunic, Corgii!!!

  4. I have to agree, the NE forms are a little lackluster. I'm happy to see tauren got a better cat ^_^

  5. Lion King in Dal eh? I'll have to log on and see that :-p

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