Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Ferraro Post

Yes yes, many people have already post angry/indifferent/supportive posts about the entire Ferraro web of lies, and I wasn't going to post a thing about it until I saw Techdarling's response, and a comment left on her post that read:

Freakin’ mmorpg’ers. They’ve been living a lie for so much of their lives. They don’t even realize that pretending to be someone else in the real world is not only wrong and illegal, but also disturbing. But we should feel bad. Ferraro must have very little self-esteem.
This absolutely infuriated me. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's ignorant people flaming a group (and in this case, a 13 million strong group) of people for something that ONE person in said group did. "Living a lie"?! So every single person who plays World of Warcraft is living a lie? Really? I'd like to see some facts to back up that claim. Do they really think that every single person is so absorbed in the game that they try to pretend the real world doesn't exist? Now, this isn't to say that there aren't people who are possibly a bit too absorbed into the game, but isn't that the case with anything? You're always going to get the fanatics, the die-hards, the obsessive ones... that happens with anything and everything! Movies, people, religions, etc.. It's always going to be like that.

... but to go and bash, sling mud, what have you, on an entire group of people?

It's just ignorant and wrong.

Angry druid is ANGRY.

I suppose I feel especially angry about this subject as I was mocked, ridiculed, insulted, etc. for playing WoW in High School. I've been an avid gamer since I first got the NES as a little kid. My ex-boyfriend insulted me for playing because it had a monthly fee. I suppose cable/sattelite T.V is completely free; no monthly fee. Cell phones, and various other online services... those are all just a waste too, right? To ANYONE who makes the arguement with me that WoW is a waste of money, I pose this counter point.

  • 3 XBox360/PS3/Wii games: Approximately $180 (Wii games tend to be $50, but for the sake of this arguement I'll assume we're buying the $60 games)
  • 1 Year of World of Warcraft: Approximately $179.88 (assuming you're buying a one month recurring subscription off of the main site)

It's easy to see that for the price of 3 games that I will probably beat within a month of purchase, I get an entire year of a game that I probably play for 40 hours+ a week (most likely more). Granted, some people don't necessarily play WoW as much as I do (some play MORE than I do), but the people who always have this argument with me are avid gamers, much like myself.

It's all apples and oranges here.

Why can't people accept that we all have different interests and hobbies?! Different strokes for different folks, people! This is exactly like people bashing someone else's taste in music! For me, music is very important. It inspires me to draw, motivates me; music moves me. I also understand that everyone has their own taste in music, and I understand that it's OK!

Alas... this isn't a perfect world. Not everyone is lucky enough to have common sense and avoid ignorance. It just makes me seethe with anger when I see comments like that, tossing an entire group of people into a stereotype (many of those people good friends), simply because one person did something crazy.

Well... I'm done with the angry rant and angry bear pictures. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back from my tanning session with a more positive blog idea... until then, hopefully you guys can share your opinions and make me feel like less of a nutjob for being so angry over this...


  1. I came to post a comment but saw the new layout and got distracted again. I like the new header A LOT.

    I also agree with how much it sucks to be lumped in with the handful of people who maybe have serious problems. I have also tried to use the "cheapest hobby ever" argument. It REALLY is one of the reasons I keep playing, but apparently people think its more worth the time/money to go see B-movies.

  2. I'm also loving the new page header. And good to see commenting is fixed (again :P )

    I dislike it a lot when people make comments like that (I noticed the comment you were talking about when I was surfing around the internet today). People play video games people, get over it. It may not be your choice, but by playing it that doesn't make you a worse person.

    I took a lot of flak from people when I was younger because I was computer savvy in a time when most people were just getting their first family computer. Now of course people that can use a computer see to be everyone's best friend heh.

    Just as you said, WoW is like anything else in that a certain percentage of the people are, well, messed up. It makes me sad when others don't see that they don't represent the entire community and start shotting the insults.

    That said, no one dares anymore to insult me in person as I have a tendency to "put people like that in their place" :)

  3. Love the new look! Wanted to say so yesterday but comments were being fickle again :)

  4. Every time I try a new layout the comments seem to break and I have to fix it... I think this is the last time I'll change the layout though; I'm happy with it now :D

  5. I wanted to comment yesterday but couldn't :[

    the layout looks great btw!

    I understand where you are coming from, because we all experience it some point. I actually want a career in the gaming industry and my family thinks it is a joke.

  6. What is the original source of that TechDarling quote? I've been following this and have seen several responses from her, but none of them have had that tone.


  7. This is the comment; it wasn't posted by her, it was by someone else:

  8. Ah,I read your post too quickly and skipped right from "Techdarling's response" to the quote. Thanks!

    And thanks for responding in her blog to the original poster of that comment. Sheesh, what a jerk.