Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't Buy From DFI


About a month ago my DFI LanPartyDX x48 Series motherboard died. It had issues back in December when I received it and tried to put more RAM into it. Assuming the RAM was bad (because the website said the board could take 8 gigs of RAM), I got new RAM later and tried it again in May. The board continued to hang, refusing to boot even to the BIOS. Removing the CMOS battery for a bit fixed it, but now that doesn't even work.

3 e-mails, 3 phone calls, and 3 weeks later, it's still sitting in my custom-built rig. Dead. I'm going to advise all of my readers to avoid purchasing products from DFI. Even if their prodcuts are nice, their customer service is terrible. They tell me 'We didn't get your e-mail' or, 'Send it to this e-mail'... 'this e-mail' being DIFFERENT from the one they have listed on their website.

I'm getting very angry. I'm about to just say screw it and buy a new one and throw out my current moboard. I'm tired of waiting for these incompetent people to contact me.


  1. I sugggest you read a post from the about how to launch an email carpet bomb.

    Best of luck, and if all else fails at least you're already boycotting them.

  2. Damn, that sucks. I remember just a few years ago when the DFI boards were the top stuff in my overclocking circles because some of their products didn't cap the voltage at "safe" levels.

    Its a shame that now they're down to this.

  3. RYN: I'm on Durotan if you ever wanna come visit I'm in the guilds Novare Res/Torn Empire.