Friday, June 5, 2009

If You Quit Your Druid Over The Art Changes...

... you aren't really a Druid.

Had to get that out there and off my chest... tired of seeing things like this:

"I just didn't bother to switch my character cause my Druid is not my main. Here I['ll] post on my Druid. The character I might never play again if these changes goes live."

Honestly, to me, if you're going to quit because the art wasn't tailored to EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT IT, good riddance. We don't need more 'FotM' Druids running around ruining the code (IE: never ganking other Druids, especially not in Moonglade) that we used to have.

This isn't meant to target people upset about the way your forms are selected (see Keeva's post about this here). I definitely agree! While I actually ended up getting the colors I want (MUFASA INC), I know and definitely understand that people are attached to their character. I'm probably just as attached! I don't think I'd ever change Corgii from having her light brown, splotchy fur color, which I chose based off of the normal coloring of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (my favorite dog).

No, I'm talking about the people who can't just be grateful that we've gotten these model changes. I understand. It's been four years. They have tons of money and people to do it. True. But think of how much time they put into other things, and even still they gave us the forms we wanted so badly!

Shut your face and enjoy it! You haven't even seen it in-game yet >:l


  1. OMG, must quit WoW, druid not right...


    That was a joke :-p

    On a side note... My confirmation letters for posting this comment is titties... o.O

  2. Oops. We're not supposed to gank each other in Moonglade?

    Look, it only happened ONCE. And it was because the Tauren was going around, moonfiring innocent Level 5 fawns! I had to stop him! >.>

    @Author: are you serious? LOL