Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cats, blog changes, and clothes

I got tired of trying to make the background of the blog look perfect, so hopefully you all like it the way it is...

Alt ADD Continues
I spent a TON of time leveling up my Draenei Priestess, Soniah, today! It was a lot of fun. It's almost like a new game now that I'm in Northrend. This time, however, I'm on the Alliance, so a lot of things are different!

There's one thing I'm doing now that I NEVER do..
Read quest text.

It's funny... I always thought that reading quest text would just make it take longer to get quests done, but not only is it a) interesting to read about what exactly is going on and WHY I'm doing the quest, but it is also b) almost faster than relying on QuestHelper or Carbonite. Ironic, I know. But I'm really having a lot of fun reading about the different things going on in Northrend, seeing the way I'm helping out the different characters... it almost makes it more... I know this sounds weird... personal? It's like you're really there helping out everyone.

*cricket chirps*

Anyway! Onto my next, short topic...

Blues on Cat Form Updates
I was browsing MMO-Champion during some downtime in my alt Naxx25 run and I saw this on the front page:

(click for a larger image)

*squeals* This makes me so excited! They seem rather confident that we'll (read: MOST druids) be happy about the new design, and I'm ecstatic. I'm so tired of the monkey-face-anorexic-wyvern that I've been forced to run around on while doing dailies. Needless to say, next week cannot come soon enough! Hopefully the Tauren cat form will be on par with the Night Elf form, as I always felt that the Night Elf cat form was much cooler!'

WoW Swag!

For those of you who have never heard of or visited Jinx, now would be a great time! They have a plethora of WoW T-shirts and other Warcraft-related things, such as vynil stickers of the Horde or Alliance logos (pictured below on my car!) They just released their Summer '09 line of shirts, and they look pretty sweet! I might invest in the Dalaran University and Thunder Bluff Warstompers T-shirts =) So far I've got quite a few shirts from them. I have the older version of their Alliance shirt, their Druid class shirt, the newer version of their Horde shirt, the 'Rogues, the Original Ganksta' shirt (from when I was a rogue long, LONG ago), and lastly their /dance T-shirt. If you haven't been to Jinx and have really wanted some neat WoW swag, check them out!

My car gained +100 to Awesome


  1. Awesome car logo :)

    For your layout you might want to move the druids a bit more to the left+right. The caster form druid makes it a little hard to see what is going on. Or you can move them down a bit. The middle of the page is where most people put the text that they are reading, and your left druid is covering it a tad :D

  2. Yeah; I just got so tired of move her over so much and I said screw it and left it the way it is haha ><