Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boss Progression and Degrees

*yawn* O hay there. I just woke up... it's about 1pm. I had a later-than-normal night last night due to raiding. Our raid last night was set to quickly take down General and then use the rest of the night to get Yoggy down, but sadly due to some interrupt fail and retarded RNG, we spent about an hour and a half wiping on him. We got to Yogg, though, and we did have two REALLY good attempts; I'm talking less than 13%. But phase 3 is insane. I was shaking the second we hit phase three, spamming hots on the tanks and keeping nourish up. Sadly, due to Cox Cable kicking myself, one of the main tanks, and my boyfriend off, ruined one of those perfect attempts. The rest of the night was plagued with random DCs, bad luck with mind controls, and all kinds of other things.

Some of our key people won't be able to play again until later in the week, and it means that we could be passed by my older guild, which would make me pretty sad. I know that if/when they down him before us they'll rub it in our faces; they're all incredibly immature and rely on accomplishments in WoW to make themselves feel better...

But anyway! The second half of today's blog is more personal... it's about the degree I was hoping to see at my university finally going into action!

The degree is 'Computer Game Design' and a Bachelor in Fine Arts (B.F.A). The degree I was originally persuing (only because this art degree was not yet in place) was a Computer Science major with a focus in Video Game Design. Boy am I glad they put in the BFA degree... this degree has essentially NO math or science, which makes me a very, VERY happy tree. I'm terrible at all things math, it's laughable. There's so many cool classes on the program list, I can't wait. All kinds of art and digital design courses, along with musical classes!

Needless to say I'm one happy cow!

I think, for once, I'm ecstatic for school to start up in August. Now, if housing would just assign me a dorm...


  1. Accomplishments are accomlishments no matter when you get them or who beats you to them =) But it sounds like you are super close on Yogg! Good Luck!

    Also, congrats on the new degree program! I started college as a music major on a full scholarship and ended up an attorney...

    There really isn't a day that goes by that I don't regret, at least a little bit, not sticking the music major out. It was just that after my first recording session (yes...classical artists also have recording sessions!) and a few nervewracking (although successful) professional auditions I didn't think I had the stomach for the career and chickened out. Who knows, maybe someday I'll go back and finish out the semester and a half left for my major degree ;)

    So...finding something that you love to do and make a career out of is REALLY important, and I'm very happy it sounds like you are getting the option to do that! /cheer

  2. Gratz on the university stuff!

    (Don't be afraid of math!)

    Good luck on Yoggy. Sadly, I highly doubt that I will see him for a few months...assuming we can even make it that far :(

  3. Don't worry about your old guild silly, you make it seem like you owe them to beat them. We know you do a great job, just keep up the great healing :-)