Monday, March 16, 2009

Post-Sping Break Blues

Well, it's back to school again


I had a pretty bad case of the Mondays this morning when I realized that my Computer Science midterm was today... and I had no clue! Luckily I knew most of what it covered, but I'll just say I'm very happy to be doing well in the lab portion of the class.

I haven't been doing much on my druid in WoW lately, aside from going feral/resto on a daily basis >_> I go feral in the mornings, kill the Raven Lord and pray his mount drops. And, when it inevitably doesn't, I go do some dailies and go back resto (sometimes). My guild is in a frenzy, trying to get everyone their 'Glory of the Raider: Heroic' drakes, so I've been kinda warming the bench most of the time. It's fine with me though, it gives me time to level my alts, which brings me to ANOTHER topic...

Is it just me, or do other people have several alts nearing max level and they just kind of shuffle back and forth with no idea which one to level first? I have a troll priest at level 75 and a blood elf paladin sitting at level 71. I've also got a draenei priest on a different server around 62.5 that I would love to level (she's so cute!). Sadly, leveling my draenei is out of the question as I don't have any friends who play Alliance, and I hate playing alone!

My first thought is to level the priest first since she's closer to 80 than my paladin is. Not to mention she's almost halfway to 76 and I just started Dragonblight! I've still got all of that zone left to do, then Grizzly Hills, then Zul'Drak... It's rather crazy.

But then, on the other hand, I have my paladin. I'm big on leveling certain characters simply for how they look... hence why I ended up Recruit-A-Friending a blood elf priest to 58, despite already having a level 70-something troll priest. I ended up deleting the blood elf, but part of me still wants to restore her (or try to) and level her up.

So I'm sort of at a cross roads. I tend to log on one, play for a bit, then log off and get on another alt. It's very frustrating! For now, though, I guess I'll go get a snack and try to figure out what I want to do!


  1. I have alt ADD as well, but for alts that are around the 20-40 range =P

    What server is your alliance draenei on?

  2. She's on Mannoroth atm. I'm trying to find somewhere new to finish leveling her, though. She's my lost little character that was made on a friend's server.

    Friend goes "HEY COME PLAY ON MY SERVER!"

    I transfer/roll there... then they quit playing and I'm left there all alone! =(

  3. Corgii if you need a healer/tank let ole' Silvermoo know. I'm 3 pieces in on my tanking set and if I'm on and not watching my daughter I'll be glad to give you a hand with runs or what not. Just let me know in game.

  4. How did you do on the mid term? I keep forgetting to ask you in game...