Sunday, March 1, 2009

Go go gadget blog!

So, after finally getting around to really reading through some blogs I thought:

"Hey, why not try writing one of these yourself?"

And so I did. I'm not very knowledgeable, nor am I very good at 'theorycrafting' and the like, but I think this would be a fun place to discuss the various aspects of the coolest class in the World of Warcraft! I don't want to just discuss game mechanics, either. I want to rouse discussions about things like gear (T8 Sailor Moon helmet...), shapeshifting forms (and how ugly they are...), and other things that go beyond the generic spectrum of numbers and stats and all that mumbo jumbo (not to say that I won't do ANY of that).

That said, I hope that some of you may stop by here every now and then. As a college student I spend nearly all my time on the computer procrastinating any work I have until the VERY LAST SECOND. So if you have any ideas or comments on what to make my first topic about, let me know!

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