Monday, March 2, 2009

3.1 PTR Shenanigans

So, thanks to 5 inches of snow over the Mid-Atlantic I got a snow day (woo!) and got a break from boring ol' CS classes today. After getting 4 extra hours of sleep, I decided to venture onto the PTR to see how things had changed for myself and my stickly brothers and sisters.

Mana Regen

I was pretty sad when I went onto the PTR and saw how my mana regeneration had changed. Though not drastic, it does make me want to rethink how I'll go about healing a bit.

I don't have the best gear by any means (I don't really stack for spirit anymore, but I may change that). While my mana regen while not casting has gone down rather drasticlly, my mana regen while casting went up 30 points, which isn't so bad.

Before I can really praise or cast stones on this change I'll need to try running some instances or do a raid or two to see how this really effects my healing.

** More to come **


  1. YAY snowday!!!

    PS - I like your blog =) Keep it up!

  2. Hi Corgii!

    I found my way here after seeing your adorable avatar hanging around. I'm not much of a blog reader but yours really grabbed my attention. I look forward to reading it :)

    <3 Dairykween