Saturday, August 15, 2009

Of HoT Idols and Mauling Face

Patch 3.2 brought about all kinds of change! While at first I was extremely hesitant about Emblem of Conquest changes, it wasn't until I decided to build up a feral DPS set that I realized how awesome this change was. Doing heroics is a great chance to spend some time with guildies while stocking up on extra badges for those off specs that you've been neglecting. Picking up a DPS set has been great, as it makes doing dailies easier, finding a spot in heroic groups easier, and also makes me a more flexible and valuable raider. Need a healer? No problem. Need a mangle bot? No problem! It's also been great for a change of pace; even I get tired of healing (gasp!).

Speaking of being HoT...
Idol of Flaring Growth

If you hadn't seen this Restoration Druid idol yet, you'd best put a bib of some sort on or at least put a bucket beneath your mouth because this idol will make you drool. It's essentially a constant free 234 spell power. According to players on, the idol has no internal cooldown and even procs several times in a row. With Rejuvenation now our main spell for raid healing (especially with the Tier 8.5 4-piece set bonus), more and more set bonuses/idols are giving it even more benefits!

I only have about 15 Badges of Triumph at the moment (I keep forgetting to turn my daily in, 'doh!), but once I get it I'm going to be even more Rejuvenation happy than I am now. Healing has never been so HoT!


  1. Arg I'm saving up for that idol also...its definetly OP!

  2. I miss my tree. I will definately get this idol when I get my tree back. (asap I hope) /wave Corgii
    Miss you now that I'm back on Alliance, I'll have to come back over and /dance with ya again some time.

  3. I love this Idol. It's perfect for everything except Vezax ^^